Future Glimpses6 - 8 June 2018 / Sea World Resort / Queensland


Conference Program ASBAQ 2018

Preliminary Program Future Glimpses

Wednesday 6 June 2018
2.00pm – 3.00pm Registration Opens

Because everything is so techy and virtual, conferences becomes all the more important because that face to face is lacking…the touch is not there, the eye contact is not there, the human connectivity is not there. We will here to register you personally.

3.00pm – 3.30pm Welcome ASBAQ President Elizabeth Stannard
Welcome MC Heidi Dening, Workable Wellness
3.30pm – 5.00pm Workshop The Education Landscape Now and Toward 2025 Mark McCrindle
4.30pm – 5.00pm General Meeting ASBAQ members
5.00pm – 6.00pm Sponsored by:logo Pre-dinner networking in the Exhibition
6.00pm Dolphin Show Sponsored by:logo Dancing with Dolphins pre-Dinner Sea World Resort Please note all delegates must meet in the hotel lobby to be escorted to the Dolphin Show and will be escorted back for the SOO party in the exhibition. Access and Exit by group only.
7.00pm – 9.30pm State of Origin Party Sponsored by:logo Marooned in the Exhibition Future Glimpses – will NSW ever win another game?
Thursday 7 June 2018
7.30am – 8.30am Breakfast in the exhibition
9.00am – 9.15am MC Heidi Dening, Workable Wellness – Day One How to prevent professional burn-out. Learn powerful workplace wellness techniques to improve sleep, vitality and performance
9.15am – 10.15am Sponsored by:logo Opening Keynote 1 The Education Landscape Now and Toward 2025 Mark McCrindle

Demographic data indicates a picture of an ever-changing Australia. To engage effectively with the growing education demands across the sector and in our communities, we need to understand the clear trend lines and their implications.

In this session, social researcher Mark McCrindle will deliver a snapshot of Australia demographically, socially, generationally, and attitudinally. He will look at the key emerging trends that are redefining Australian schools, staff attraction and retention challenges in the sector, transformed lifestyles of Australians, economic implications of these demographic shifts and the increasing expectations of Australians.

Mark will also give insights into diverse communities today, from cultural diversity to changing household structures, from increased geographical mobility to new ways of meeting the timeless needs of social interaction. His session will deliver analysis of the changes and future forecasts on what the rest of the decade will hold as we approach 2020.

10.15am – 11.00am Sponsored by:logo Morning Networking Break in the Exhibition
11.00am – 12noon Sponsored by:logo Keynote 2 Modern Medicine - Science of Sleep Dr Tony Fernando

With the development of technology, digital devices and 24-hour societies, sleep has been marginalized and seen as unnecessary. Many would even resort to depriving themselves of sleep in order to achieve short term goals like studying for exams, finishing projects or even watching as much Netflix episodes as they can. In this session, myths and truths about sleep will be covered. Common problems in sleep will be discussed as well as ways to manage them. Practical behavioural and mind techniques in optimizing sleep will be shared. You might even get to diagnose why your loved one snores so much at night or why it takes you so long to shut down before sleep.

12noon – 1.15pm Sponsored by:logo Lunch Break in the Exhibition
1.15pm – 2:15 pm Sponsored by:logo
Keynote 3 Future Glimpses Ryan Felsman
Senior Economist, CommSec

Ryan Felsman is Senior Economist at CommSec. In his role, Ryan is responsible for the analysis of economic trends and developments in the Australian and global economy, as well as the likely impact on equity markets. He writes regular commentaries and presents to clients and customers across the Commonwealth Bank Group.

Ryan will present an overview of the key areas of interest to look out for from a forecaster's perspective and their likely impact on the Education Sector.

2.15pm – 3.00pm Afternoon Networking Break in the Exhibition
3.00pm – 4.00pm
Sponsored by: QIEC logo
Keynote 4 Peter Williams
Chief Edge Officer
Centre for the Edge Australia
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Pete is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in Innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation.
Although his professional training was as a Chartered Accountant Pete started working with internet technologies in 1993 while working in the UK and on his return to Australia in 1996 founded an eBusiness Consulting group within Deloitte Australia. Since that time Pete was the CEO of the Eclipse Group, a Deloitte subsidiary that was one of Australia’s largest web and mobile development firms, and then founded Deloitte Digital, which now operates in over 20 countries and has been recently called out as the 2nd largest Digital Agency network in the world by AdAge in New York.

Pete is now Chief Edge Officer for Deloitte Centre for the Edge AU. The Centre focuses on major changes in the business environment driven by digital innovation and globalisation. It identifies and explores emerging opportunities related to big shifts not yet on the senior management agenda but ought to be. While it is focused on long-term trends and opportunities, it is equally focused on implications for near-term action, the day-to-day environment of executives and their teams.

He has been the Chairman of Deloitte’s Innovation Council since 2004 and has worked with boards and senior executives of many companies helping them understand and adapt to the rapidly changing digital environment as well as being a sought after speaker and media commentator both locally and internationally.

He is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT, and on the boards of Deloitte Foundation, Reach Foundation and Hall and Wilcox Lawyers.

5.30pm Sponsored by:logo Pre-dinner networking in the Exhibition
6.30pm – 11pm ASBAQ2018 Conference Dinner Sponsored by:logo Stars Under the Stars - Movie World Dinner

Transport to and from the venue provided by:

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All buses depart from the exhibition at 6.30pm. Buses staggered return from 9.30pm after dessert After party– last bus 11pm

Friday 8 June 2018
7.30am – 8.30am Breakfast in the exhibition
9.00am – 9.15am MC Heidi Dening, Workable Wellness – Day Two
9.15am – 10.15am Keynote 6 New Generation Creative Spaces - Don’t Believe all the Hype Peter Lippman
Education Specialist & Facility Planner
Founder of Places Created for Learning

What do children need to learn and how before designing spaces and copying what others do may not necessarily work. Once the identification of a new school building is developed, the internal structure and design of classrooms becomes priority in order to provide the best learning environment for students. Peter Lippman presents on the incorporation of flexible learning spaces and incorporation of 21st century learning design into school classrooms so students are inspired and motivated to learn.

  • Developing a key vision that sets out the learning environment
  • How to create a personalised learning space design
  • What the results have been for Evidence based design of 21st century learning spaces

Educating teachers on different teaching methods in flexible and open classrooms

10.15am – 11.00am Sponsored by:logo Morning Networking Break in the Exhibition
11.00am – 12noon Keynote 7 The new world of work: Understanding the emerging workforce, adapting to the new workplace Ashley Fell

Over the last couple of years the world of work has undergone a massive transformation. From portfolio careers to teleworking, from the gig-economy to the growth of the start-up culture. How, where and why we work has significantly changed. This session looks at how to recruit, retain, manage and train top talent, and how to create a workplace culture and engage a diverse workforce to bring about greater productivity and engagement.

12noon – 1.30pm Sponsored by:logo Lunch Break in the Exhibition
1.30pm – 2.30pm Closing Keynote 8 Beyond Superhuman - Technology for Humanity Dr Jordan Nguyen

With today’s staggering advances in technology, many new possibilities are emerging which almost seem to have come straight out of the realms of sci-fi fantasy. When we connect some of the dots between various cutting-edge fields, the innovations become even more intriguing.

In this presentation, Biomedical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen will raise an incredibly interesting and perhaps confronting conversation around links drawn between the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new techniques in 3D human scanning, neuroscience, and the ideas of human consciousness.

This topic raises a number of questions about what it is to be human and what is a moral approach to the incredible things we can achieve today with the latest advancements in technology – advancements that are increasingly blurring the lines between the virtual world and the real world.

2.30pm Conference Wrap Up and Final Remarks
3.00pm Conference Close

ASBAQ 2018 Final Program will be online 7 April